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Name:Aoyagi Ritsuka
Style by [ profile] passing_girl!

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alchemy, anne of green gables, being allowed to change, being wanted, biking, blood, body art, books, bookshops, caffeine, candlelight, cats, checkmate moments, cinema, clarity, colors, comfort, compassion, conjuring, connections, costumes, creative expression, cuddles, decisiveness, design, destroying the competition, dialogue, dido, dreamers, duality, ebm, fairy tales, feather duvets, fiction, films, fire, friends, frou frou, gackt, glasses, graphics, green tea, hats, holiday decorations, holiday lights, homosexuality, icons, illusion, industrial, j-pop, kissing, knowledge, languages,, laughing, learning, legends, libraries, listening, listening to the wind, love, lyrics, l’arc~en~ciel, magic, making lists, meiko kaji, mental and emotional stimulation, music, my best friend, my secret life, ninjas, notebooks, oak trees, organizing stuff, peace, perfection, photography, photoshop, pillows, plurality, poetry, privacy, psychology, pumpkin pies, quotes, rain, rainbows, reading, reading outdoors, receiving mail, revolutionaries, ridiculousness, romance, runes, scarves, science, secrets, seeing the big picture, sexuality, sharpies, shiny things, showers, sincerity, skin, sleeping, slice of life, smiling, socks, spells, spirithollows, spirituality, splashdown, stickers, storms, strong personalities, subtext, symbols, synth-pop, tattoos, tenmon, the crüxshadows, thinking, thriving intensity, transfiguration, travel, understanding, utada hikaru, wanting, warmth, watches, white zombie, wind, wishes, wolfsheim, words, zeromancer, ♀♀, ♂♂, , , , ユンナ, 宇多田ヒカル, 島宮えい子, 梶芽衣子, 神威楽斗, 雅-miyavi-
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